Buying and selling premium cars

We specialize in high end cars: sports cars, premium cars and special cars are in our field. We serve our customers, whether they are buying or selling their car, throughout Europe and thus we always find the best deals.

Working with us is easy, we can be reached around the clock and during the week, and you can schedule an appointment between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

We will contact you and make an offer within 1 hour

We pick up your car when it suits you best, from the place you choose

You will receive payment from us immediately

Fill in your information and you will receive an offer!

Quick and easy!

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about us

AMCAP = As many cars as possible

We specialize in buying and selling high end cars. We sell sports cars, special cars and premium cars. Our extensive contact networks in Europe always guarantee the best price.

Our team consists of experienced car dealers who have been buying and selling cars for over 15 years. We work daily to make your transaction as smooth as possible for you. AMCAP Garage’s selection consists of rare and good condition cars.

AMCAP Garage is part of Chassi Group, which also includes Handlarfinans and AMCAP Trading. We have a AAA credit rating and the group’s turnover is approximately EUR 100 million.

Why sell your car to us?

Quick and easy

You will receive an answer from us within an hour after sending your information. If you accept our Offer for your car, you can decide where and when we can pick up your car. We take care of all the paperwork for you with, for example, Trafi.

The right price

Our experts make a market-based assessment of your car's value. Our many years of experience in value cars guarantees that you will get a good offer from us.

Safe choice

We guarantee that when we pick up your car, the payment has already arrived in your account.


Frequently asked questions

We usually buy premium cars, sports cars and special cars with less than 100,000 km. Typically the age of the cars is less than 10 years, but in some cases older cars are also interesting.

Usually within 48 hours of the transaction.

The latest registration extract, redemption offer, all keys, all summer and winter tires, as well as maintenance books and other documents.

The owner changes digitally when the car is picked up. The contract is signed with bank codes.

Once we have agreed on the price, we send a down payment, which is usually 500 euros. The rest is paid by bank transfer before we pick up your car.

We will sort out the payment of the car loan or leasing contract for you in connection with the purchase.

Fill in your information and you will receive an offer!

Quick and easy!

How can we help?

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